Return of the Tower

Day 3&4 (July ?? and Aug 11)

Flynn get punked, and what they call "the Pit" but it's sort of like an indoor coliseum.

Tayne- Ryan Sir Tyronius- Sinclaire Skywalker- Greg

That night, the party is hiding out in the cabin when a lone member of the Order approaches, having followed them from Far Valley—looking to travel North with them (as their objectives coincide, apparently)

Sir Tyronius looks through the window, waking up Tayne, who shoots him, and also greg, who also calls down fire from the sky to burn Sir Tyronius. But Sir Tyronius is remarkably forgiving (it must be his good nature) and reasons with them despite being attacked and extorted.

(Sir Tyronius is in a difficult position with the Order, having just been sent on a quest for nearly separating the jaw from a magistrate’s son for breaking curfew [the boy also spit on sir tyronius]. Needless to say, Sir Tyronius’ corrupt crest left him out to dry for the minor infraction, since he often spoke out against his brethren’s unnatural penchant for violence, and he is now awaiting a verdict from the Priestesses)

Elche Var Anyway, the party of three woke in the morning, travelled to Elche Var, and, after intimidating the inkeeper, found that Flynn had paid rooms for his men and then left again without stopping. Not having enough time to return to his farm and get back in time for the “Big Bandit Meeting” Flynn is attending, Tayne then finds the only honest man in the town, pays him to take his livestock back to his farm (warning him about the wolves) and then returns to try to haggle horses out of the inkeeper. It takes ALL his money, but he manages to buy horses, and then goes north to the meeting ground.

In the night, they are set upon by goblins, but defeat them with relatively few problems. They burn the bodies and continue north in the morning. In the afternoon, they find a green tails mercenary and a wolf-bandit blocking the road. They are camped on top of the hill, and interrogate the party until Tayne reveals he is behind a quite-well-known heist in the southlands, meaning he wants in on the bandit meeting. The green tail doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about, but the wolf bandit vouches for the deed, and they let him by.

Bandit Meeting Ground When they crest the hill, they see the huge fortress of the “gates of heaven” and a rather large encampment of people outside the fortress. They are stopped by a scribe and some more green tails on their way in, and say they’re looking for work. THeir names and weapons are noted by the scribe.

The group gathers information about flynn’s wherabouts, finding out that he’s probably staying with his brother, the leader of the Silver Swords (silver crescent), a medium-size band that operates to the east. The party finds the silver crescents camp during the the feast, chatting them up and finding out that flynn is at the festivities, probably. They follow a silver crescent to Zilbar (flynn’s brother), and learn from one of flynn’s 3 remaining men that flynn went to the brothel. One of the few standing buildings outside the fortress, the brothel is fairly famous. However, being a large meeting, the brothel has an expansion tent to the side, as well— The party learns from the door guard that flynn is indeed inside, but they have a policy of not interrupting, and not asking questions.

Talking With Flynn While the party waits, Zilbar arrives at the brothel, talks to the guard, and waits. When Flynn exits (with one of his men), Zilbar grabs him and thye leave. The party follows them, has a small discussion with the men, and then, when Tayne doesn’t hear what he wants, he challenges Flynn to a duel. In the precense of Zilbar, Flynn is forced to accept. While they’re waiting for the proceedings later, however, out of the influence of Zilbar, Tayne convinces Flynn to tell him, because Flynn really doesn’t feel like dying, and they go their separate ways. Flynn tells Tayne his sister was “recruited” by the current residents of the Red Tower, and was probably thrown in their arena, call The Pit. Skywalker hits up the brothel, but learns nothing pertaining to his mission.

Into The Fortress The party wakes in the morning, threatens their way into a meeting with the captain of the guard of the Red Tower, and then reaches an agreement: They fight in a special arena for an arcane experiment, and then the captain tells him everything they know about his sister.

The party regains the paladin (they left her outside) and then goes to the arena. While they’re waiting in the prep-room, a librarian-looking Wizard walks in, engages them in a ritual of preparation, and then leaves.

They enter the arena and find themselves watched by a handful of wizards and bandit leaders, and a couple guards. After a short pause, the far doors open and their opponent enters. They best the immense beast of the elemental plane of cold (and its goblin cohorts, who are ordered in midway through the fight at the behest of the head wizard) and then…

“Did someone make Sinclaire’s disguise check?” “We left her outside.”

“What are you thinking about?” “I’m thinking of giving the boss more hit points.” “Oh don’t do that, then we’ll be encouraged to powergame our characters.” “The Wizard makes a hand gesture, and the gate on the far side opens again, and two goblins emerge.” “What, are you serious?” “Yep, it was written in.”



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